Website Management

Website Management

We provide Ongoing Supports for websites developed and not developed by us

Professionally-managed Website Managament

Our Ongoing Website Management/Support Service help keep your website and contents fresh and engaging.
Your website or project is much like a grow plant. For it to bear fruit it needs great amount of attention, plenty of weeding and watering (content management, database training and management), and tons of sunlight (projecting, marketing).
We will like to have you concentrate on what you know to do best while helping you to maintain your site into a lively garden. the way its intended. Our optional ongoing support plan is the perfect solution.
The ongoing Support Plan ensures that your carefully designed web project will stay up-to-date with fresh content,updated features and many more services,including a schedule facelift!

Ongoing Support Packages

It as total with no obligations, you can cancel anytime.
per month
per month
per month
List of Features PLUS 
most popular plan. Perfect for all small business
includes search engine optimisation and reports
include Facebook
Content updates upto 2hrs upto 4hrs unlimited
Edit the content of any exist page yes yes yes
Upload files(PDF,docs,images) yes yes yes
Update minor design and style elements yes yes yes
Proactive reminder call about updates monthly every other week weekly
Add additional page no upto 5pages unlimited
Email Newsletter no 1per quarter 1per month
Phone advice and training and support no upto 1hr unlimited
Email advice and training and support unlimited unlimited unlimited
Managed Email Accounts – Add/Remove Email accounts yes yes yes
Desktop/Mobile phone support yes yes yes
Search Engine Optimisation – Monthly review of google analytics no yes yes
Customised Search engine ranking report no yes yes
Monthly phone review of google analytics no yes yes
Creation of Facebook and Twitter accounts no no yes
Upto 3 weekly postings no no yes
Facebook landing page design no no yes
Twitter background design no no yes

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