Monday Motivation: Living beyond your Limits

monday motivation

Life is full of contradictions.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you gave all your best and got dissapointed because you weren’t appreciated enough, then you’re just like most of us, Humans. We humans want to be acknowledged and appreciated for the things we do.

When we work, we work because there’s some sort of reward that’s attached to our work. If we love, we expect to be loved back. When we use our skills  and talents, we want others to notice what we do and recognize our worth. It,s only human to want to take credit for what we’ve done.

Now, where the problem lies is when we do these things only for the recognition, appreciation or tangible reward that comes with it. That’s not the way the get the best from life. When we work for instance, it’s not only about the money we’re paid that’s our reward. We also get to develop our your skills, gain insight into new ideas and network.

Today, forget about that which you are striving at for profit, work like you don’t need money and at the end of the day when you become an expert and acquired a lot of skills, then the money will flow in naturally.


Monday motivation


Starting from now, go beyond your limits. |Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you have never been hurt. Dance like there’s no one watching. Take steps without the aim of pleasing anybody, then sit back and receive more than your expectations.

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