Oyo State Housing Corporation is an off-shoot of Western Nigeria Housing Corporation established during the Administration of Chief Obafemi Awolowo (by Law No.12) in  1958.

The Corporation has undergone series of change in name under various Administrations namely, Property Development Corporation of Oyo State (PDCOS); Property and Town Development Corporation of Oyo State (PTDCOS) in 1977, sequel to the merger of the defunct Ajoda New Town Development Corporation (ANTDC) and Property Development Corporation of Oyo State.

The Corporation manages several estates in Oyo State including the First Housing Estate in the country, Bodija Housing Estate. The Corporation needs an online platform to share information to existing and intending residents of its estates. It wants to smartly reach the audience it serves by delivering quality information cheaply to them anytime and anywhere.

Trace Media delivers this through an online portal for documents management, website and an intranet for the Corporation to use to achieve the set results.