10 Incredible ways to Market your Mobile Applications using Social Media

10 Incredible ways to Market your Mobile Applications using Social Media

Mobile marketing is changing the face of digital and three interesting facts prove this to be true. The first one is from Smart Insight saying “Users consume 89% of media time on mobile apps while the remaining 11% is spent on websites, while the second one, also from the same source says 80% of Internet users own a smartphone and 64% of them prefer to access a content via a mobile app rather than a desktop site. Another one from Strategy Trends acclaim that “83% of B2B marketers said mobile apps were important to digital and content marketing”. Interesting, isn’t it?

Yes! More companies are waking up to the power of mobile in their digital strategies and a good number of them have actually taken the bold step to build a mobile application for their brand. However, that is not all there is to harnessing the possibilities that mobile app marketing presents.

If you already built an app, that’s great news and that only means you’ve crossed the first milestone. What is next is getting your app noticed and accessed by your target market in the pool of 2 million plus apps in Google Play Store, Ios and other App stores.

Mobile Applications are the newest trends in Social Media Marketing — there’s no better way to push your apps right in the face of the people that are looking for for them than to leverage social media. Here are 10 ways to get started

1. Create Value based and consumer driven content

If you want your social media campaigns to bring visibility to your apps, you’ll need to invest time and efforts producing content that are unique, premium quality and highly relevant to your target audience. Your content has to be compelling enough and it should keep your target consumers engaged. If you are marketing a cooking app for instance, you want to develop content around, cooking tips, recipes and chefs to follow. Give your audience valuable content for free and you’d have built yout credibility to the point that when you ask them to download your app to help them further, they won’t budge.

2. Provide Reward to Users for Downloading your app.

That’s a fast track way to hell your app take off. Every one likes rewards, offers free — and whatever is rewarded gets repeated so in your app marketing campaigns, incorporate rewards. Not only does this method increase your app downloads, it also multiplies referrals and helps you monitor user experience and how many more downloads is being generated.

3. Promote your App on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

With millions of users across the globe accessing Twitter, Facebook and Google+ on a daily basis and more than 85% of them visiting via their smartphones, your app marketing campaign will not be complete without coming strong on these big networks. Using the right hash tags on Twitter and Google+ will drive more installs than you thought possible and help you connect with influencers. Facebook on it own is a big force in marketing your app.

4. Encourage shares of your app content

If users are going to share your content with their networks then you must have done a great job creating highly informative and shareable content. You also want to add share buttons to your app features. Project the great features of your application and always engage with users. Reply to their comments, chat with them. If you want to be online, be Online.

5. Nothing says it better than images

Yes they are worth a thousand words. Yout visual content will make all the difference in your app marketing campaigns. Post screenshots of reviews, early used etc.

6. Don’t take reviews lightly

Ask users to review your applications. If hopefully the reviews are positive, the organic traffic in your app downloads will be jaw dropping.

7. Leverage Instagram

If you goal is to get your app seen and downloaded by a lot of people, then Instagram is your magic choice. With more than  80 million active users on Instagram, having a forceful presence regarding your app there is something you don’t want to joke with. Use images and videos to heighten the impact of your content.

8. Video Contents are a Magic Spell

You should create short, cool  and funny videos that promote your app in a compelling, storytelling style and promote it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Producing more video adverts comes with a lot of payoffs including increasing shares

9. Formulate a Social Media strategy

This should actually come as number one considering the order of importance. Formulating a workable social media strategy helps your long-term commitment to your social media community.

10. In all your content activities be sure to keep your tone of messages human and personal

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