How to Run a Business Ad on Facebook

How to Run a Business Ad on Facebook

How to run a Business Ad on Facebook
Businesses in our world have gone past traditional advertising to the increasingly accepted social media marketing (SMM). Smart businesses have taken advantage of the platform created by social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc to increase their popularity and also have good conversion rates.

Running a business advert on Facebook is very important given that it affords for more reach. Here are the steps to take.

Step 1: Access the Facebook Ads Manager

This is done by going to the Ads Manager page directly or by clicking Promote on the left sidebar, if you have a website linked to your Facebook page, you can click Promote Site on the right sidebar. Clicking on any of these pages would lead you to the Ads Manager page

Step 2: Choose Marketing Objective

What do you plan to achieve with the Facebook ad? On the ads Manager page when you click create an ad it brings out a couple of options to pick from. These steps are under 3 main headings;
• Awareness
• Consideration
• Conversions
You make your pick.

Step 3: Set up Ad Account

This step gives you the opportunity to pick what country you’re running the account from, the currency of the country and time zone.

Step 4: Create Ad Set

This step allows you to define the kind of traffic you need, is it a website, an app or messenger. You also chose if you want to give an offer that would further propel conversion.
What is your target audience, the age, locality, gender, languages etc. you make those decisions under the ad set also.
What is your budget?
How much do you intend spending daily? You get these options under the ad set step.
Generally, the steps could be more complicated and there might be a need for a professional help. Reach out to us for your Facebook sponsored ads needs

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